Pact Worlds Systems



In this wiki, we will go over the changes made to the game universe.

The first and largest change made is the fact that the Pact Worlds no longer belong to just one star system. Each Pact World has its home in its own star system, and each race has its own sector of space where they have dominion.

We will be using the extended star system map from the Traveler RPG. You can view that map Here.

Since the map is labeled with Traveler factions, some conversions need to be done.

  • The Imperium is the human-controlled space. At the heart of the Imperium is the Core sector and within it a system simply called Capital. This is Absalom Station.
  • Aslan Hierate is the Lashunta-controlled space. The Kusyu system is their homeworld of Castrovel.
  • The Two Thousand Worlds is the Veskarium. Kirur is Vesk Prime.
  • Zhodani Consulate is Ysoki space. Zhodane is their capital Akiton.
  • Androids do not have a dedicated homeworld or system, and are found throughout the Pact Worlds with the majority residing on Absalom Station.
  • Kasathas can be found throughout the Pact Worlds as well, but primarily live on their colony ship and within vast migrant fleets. They can be found primarily between the borders of Human, Ysoki, and Triune space.
  • Shirrens have no homeworld, but instead find themselves among the worlds in between the Swarm-infested Hive Federation and Human space.

The Vargr Extents is the robotic realm of Triune. Most races avoid this sector of space.

Pact Worlds Systems

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